Our take…

Every time George and I get together, we somehow end up talking about radio. Both of us had long careers in the business. George is still involved with several clients and other projects. I haven’t been in the business since 2011.

When I left radio to start my own business, it took me a while, but I began to listen and use radio like a civilian. Over time my perspective on radio began to change. I became a listener of  and not a participant in radio. .It’s been healthy.

I’m not one of those old radio guys who reveres the “old days”. The past is never as good as the memory of it.

George and I have talked for hours and hours about the business, we’ve argued too. Between the two of us that’s nothing new.

There are certain things we agree on and those points of agreement are the basis of what we’ll be writing about.

Your ideas, comments and suggestions are always welcome.