Boston Wins!


The World Series ended last night, a win for Boston and a loss for the Dodgers. It was a remarkable World Series in many ways, but let’s leave that for the sports guys.

How does a World Series affect a community? Here’s one way, my car has a Red Sox license plate frame, my wife gave it to me for my birthday a few years ago. I love living in California, but I’m still a Sawx fan, Until this week, nobody ever said a peep about it. Last Friday, Cakes was at Von’s (SoCal Supermarket) a guy gave her some good-natured shit on her way into the store and a woman parked next to her did the same when she was leaving.

The Series was the topic of conversation during brunch, on the lips of folks at the gas station and convenience store, I saw Dodger flags on car windows. Dodger hats and shirts on men.women and kids. Massive TV ratings. Front page stories in the LA Times, all over every LA TV station.

Other than the news and sports stations, If you listened to LA radio you wouldn’t have known the World Series was being played at Chavez Ravine. Other than the low key ticket giveaway for Friday’s game on the, IHeart stations the World god damned Series was non-existent on LA music stations.

Who decided this was a good idea? The air talent? The god damn Brand Managers? The exalted Market Manager? Some highly placed corporate programming guru ruling from afar?

It’s as if there was a huge parade, you were invited to ride in a convertible in the front with your name on the door. You turned it down because you’d rather play a Maroon 5 song for the 900th time and attempt to make a big deal out of it.

Show me the research that says it’s a really good idea to NOT reflect events in your market!

One last thing, a couple of guys from LA did the ultimate sports thing, we had 6 professional sporting events in LA yesterday. The Kings played at Staples early, the Galaxy had a game at the Home Depot Center, the Rams played at the Coliseum, the Word Series at Dodgers Stadium and the Clippers played last night at Staples. They went to every game. You know who else did it? Lance Bass of N’Sync. You didn’t know that either did you? It was in the online edition of the LA Times at 3 this morning. You should have given Lance a call this morning, he’d love to have talked to you.

lance Bass

Now that the World Series is over, here’s another thing people of all kinds are talking about. There is only one UNDEFEATED football team in the NFL, are you aware of that?  Given your track record, probably not.
rams logo

You all blew a great ratings opportunity!

What a couple of weeks of radio listening huh Bobby? Last week we listened to Boston radio and the week before to LA and found out that the Boston air talent must love Boston because they talk about it all the time. Using the same theory in SoCal one could surmise that they’re all either trying to escape LA or hide there because they never hardly mention it.

Your plan to do both markets together because they were battling each other in the World Series was a good one. I expected to hear the morning folks from Boston on the air in LA and vice versa making a friendly bet of some kind, but no! Hell in LA you could hardly tell that the Dodgers were even in it. In fact, if the radio stations weren’t forced to give away tickets, I doubt that they would have even mentioned the World Series being in their town for three games.
Boston, on the other hand, was all over it ao not only did they win the World Series, they also won the radio wars.

And the parade is Wednesday, George. Duck boats and all!

5 thoughts on “Boston Wins!”

  1. They talked about it a ton on KROQ. The Dodgers were a huge topic on the Kevin & Bean show — they always are, but especially over the past month not a day went by without several breaks discussing the team and having fun with it — and through the rest of the day as well. maybe you weren’t listening to the right stations?


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